THE RUNNER (2015): There Was Something I liked…

The Runner (2015), Nicolas Cage
The Runner (2015), Nicolas Cage

Knowing that Nicolas Cage’s career hasn’t exactly seen anything close to the heights of his Face/Off (1997) days, I was hoping that The Runner, directed by Austin Stark would be one step in the right direction.

Having now seen the film, theres plenty worse out there, of course but The Runner just isn’t a movie I would think to recommend. On the positive side, it does move quite quickly and it doesn’t run on too long. The story also highlights the unavoidable fallibility of the human and reminds us that hypocrisy is innate in everyone. As with most things of course, there’s a spectrum.

Connie Nielsen, Peter Fonda and Wendell Pierce also star.

Happy Film Loving. It’s just unlikely that you’ll love this one. 🙂


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