TRAINING DAY (2001) Movie Review: Good Story, Well Shot…

Training Day (2001), Ethan Hawke
Training Day (2001), Ethan Hawke

Training Day is not a movie you watch if you’re looking for a relaxing film experience. The protagonist through whom we’re introduced to the world in which everything takes place is Jake (Ethan Hawke). Since Jake is comfortable at no point in Training Day, you absolutely won’t be either.

With that important truth out of the way, Training Day is a movie worthy of your time. Not just because of the undeniable talent both in front and behind the camera, it’s a well written crime thriller that will likely leave you grateful that you get to experience the world of the characters only on screen.

Training Day (2001), Denzel Washington
Training Day (2001), Denzel Washington

David Ayer (Suicide Squad – 2016) is responsible for the screenplay while Antoine Fuqua (The Magnificent Seven – 2016) directs. I’m convinced  that Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke could not have played their roles any better. Perhaps even more than the great performances, it’s the way the story comes together that I love most. From the effective shooting style to the way events unfold overall, I had an uncomfortable (in a good way) and definitely positive experience.

If I had to pick something that maybe could have improved my overall experience, I’d point to the musical score which left me a little wanting. By no means is it as awkward as the score for John Q (2002), but awkward is a word that fits – in parts.

Watch Training Day for some Denzel Washington / Ethan Hawke magic and for the smart way everything comes together. Would I call Training Day my favourite buddy cop movie? It’s close but I think End Of Watch (2012) still has that title.

What’s your favourite buddy / cop movie? Let me know in the comments.

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