JOHN Q (2002), Denzel Washington

JOHN Q (2002): The Things I Liked…

JOHN Q (2002), Denzel Washington
JOHN Q (2002), Denzel Washington

A memorable Denzel Washington movie, John Q is a film about the love a father has for his young son and the resultant lengths he will go to, in the struggle to keep his son alive when his health suddenly deteriorates.

Set against the backdrop of the united states’ less than adequate healthcare system, the unfortunate predicament the protagonist finds himself in is one many millions of Americans dread and can likely empathise with.

The light shed on the very relevant social issues through the excellent performances by Washington, Kimberly Elise, Robert Duval and James Woods’ are my favourite things about John Q. I was glad to learn so much as I enjoyed the dramatics.

JOHN Q (2002), James Woods
JOHN Q (2002), James Woods

One of the things that did stand out in the movie, but not for a good reason is the musical score. I found it more distracting than complimentary to the drama and action. Particularly in the first third / half of the film.

John Q is directed by Nick Cassavetes and though it’s not a perfect movie, I still think it’s worth seeing for Denzel’s performance and a little education.

Every time I finish watching a good Denzel movie, I remember that I really need to re-watch one of his very best, 2001’s Training Day (2001).

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