PLUS ONE (2019): The Things I Liked…

Plus One (2019), Maya Erskine, Jack Quaid, RLJE Films
Plus One (2019), Maya Erskine, Jack Quaid, RLJE Films

Plus One is one of those ‘they’re definitely going to end up together but they just don’t know it yet’ movies.

Directed by Jeff Chan, Andrew Rhymer and starring Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid, the two leads play two friends who happen to be single during wedding season, and so they decide to go to the weddings they’ve been invited to as each other’s plus one.

I enjoyed the humour about all the things that often make weddings awkward and / or fun. Performance wise, I found Plus One completely faultless. The chemistry between Erskine and Quaid was great and I particularly enjoyed Erskine’s drunk acting / dancing and her character’s testing yet endearing charm.

I must confess that I had more fun with Plus One and the charming dialogue before the graveyard scene. A scene after which things became a little more serious and emotional. Overall though, I don’t regret watching Plus One because it has just the kind of charming quality I was after.

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