THUNDER FORCE (2021): It’s…

Thunder Force (2021), Melissa McCarthy, Netflix
Thunder Force (2021), Melissa McCarthy, Netflix

Bridesmaids (2011), This Is 40 (2012) and Spy (2015) are my three favourite Melissa McCarthy movies. The Heat (2013), Tammy (2014) and The Boss (2016) are the ones I found most disappointing. 

The not so great news is that McCarthy’s latest Ben Falcone written/directed comedy/action/adventure Thunder Force falls firmly at the bottom of the latter category.  

I honestly tried my very best to give Thunder Force, the story of estranged childhood best friends reuniting and ending up with superpowers a fair chance. It’s just unfortunate that the writing and pacing left me desperately wanting. 

What makes it worse is that I wasn’t even tired when I hit play to watch a hopefully fun comedy in the afternoon. Yet, twenty minutes in, I awoke from a rather pleasant impromptu nap. A situation I feared might occur, especially after an unnecessarily long and unfunny bit of dialogue about salmon and a rock near the start of the movie. Nevertheless, I held on in desperate hope that things might turn around at any moment.

Things did not get better, not even a little bit. As such, after giving the movie one very last try, only to find myself waking up from my second nap in half an hour, I had to put an end to the madness.

Looking back, the most memorable parts of Thunder Force include the one brief moment involving rabbit-like teeth. And the other is the presence of Pom Klementieff as Laser. 

Thunder Force is a film you watch, only if you absolutely must because you’re much better off revisiting the first three movies I mentioned at the start of this post.

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7 thoughts on “THUNDER FORCE (2021): It’s…”

  1. I had planned on watching this during the weekend. I will probably watch it, but now I know not to expect too much out of it so now I wont be disappointed.

    1. Sometimes we just need a movie that won’t force us to suspend our disbelief because we want to buy into everything happening and get lost in the world on screen. It’s a reall shame indeed that Thunder Force does not deliver on that; unlike Bridesmaids, Spy, and This is 40. 🤓

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