THE BOSS (2016): Best In Trailer Form…

The Boss (2016), Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell
The Boss (2016), Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell

The Boss, directed by Ben Falcone who co-wrote the story with his wife Melissa McCarthy is a comedy that isn’t quite as unwatchable as Tammy (2014) – the couple’s last collaboration, but that doesn’t mean it’s particularly good either

What’s undoubtable by now is McCarthy’s comedy skills. Unfortunately  I just see The Boss as another movie that’s actually more enjoyable in the format of short comedy sketches. I.e. the film’s trailer or something like an episode of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. 

The good thing about the comedy sketch / trailer format for this movie is that nobody would have to put up with what in the end feels like story telling minus the commitment required to make it good enough.

The Boss (2016), Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell
The Boss (2016), Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell

As for the notable amount of profanity in the movie, I enjoy creative use of cuss words as much much as most, but in this movie it’s used so much that it actually stops adding to the comedy and borders on tedious and lazy.

I was really hoping that The Boss would have me raving about how much fun it is – as  I did with McCarthy’s last movie Spy (2015). Sadly, The Boss just feels kind of empty and instead makes me want to re-watch Horrible Bosses (2011), a really, rather good comedy.

Mary Sohn, Timothy Simons and Kathy Bates also star.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


One thought on “THE BOSS (2016): Best In Trailer Form…”

  1. A very disappointing movie – its cast should be able to pull off a comedy with this premise, but to call the script and/or editing lackluster would be an understatement.

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