Succession (2018), Sarah Snook, HBO

SUCCESSION (2018): To Continue, Or Not To Continue, That Is The Question…

How do you tend to decide when to give up on a TV show/series? I usually quit for typical reasons. For example, there’s an actor in the show that I find annoying; that’s a generally typical reason, right? Another would be if the story is silly and not in an enjoyable way. Or the writing is lacking, the location, music, plus the editing is uninspiring.

Additional explanations for why I’ve had to abort viewing sessions include the subject matter leaning too far into the dark side, and I’m neither in the state or mood to endure the onslaught.

I’ve even been known to watch and enjoy all of the first season of a series, only to realise that I must have been especially vulnerable and needy at the time. Because now that season two is here, I find the show thoroughly annoying, plus I’m having difficulty figuring out how I could have liked it so much the previous year. This latter predicament has occurred just once, and the unfortunate series in question was New Girl. (2011-2018) 

More recently, I’ve started watching a show I’ve heard so many people talk about positively. Succession is the name, and it’s an HBO drama series about a family known for controlling the largest media/entertainment company in the world. It’s specifically about how things change when their father steps down as the head of the company.

Succession (2018), Jeremy Strong, HBO
Succession (2018), Jeremy Strong, HBO

I’ve progressed as far as finishing episode one of the first season – and watched one-third of episode two.

Starring Brian Cox, Sarah Snook, Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin, the talented cast is certainly more than capable. The writing is noticeably good, and the theme tune (which happens to be my favourite thing about the series so far) is just perfect. As such, my aversion to continuing with Succession might be that I do not want to see families in serious conflict right now. Especially considering how much the anxiety-inducing sibling relationships in Succession leave much to be desired.

I’d probably have relished the chance to watch all of Succession, if I’d come across it at a time when I was still super curious about the dynamics of various kinds of families, particularly that which is different from my own. I may also be mistakenly feeling a little too well-versed in the ins and outs of the human condition. Therefore, I am too sure about how this story is going to turn out.

Or, maybe I’m just not connecting well enough to any of the seemingly unsympathetic characters, yet, and I’m being judgemental. Whatever the truth may be, what I do not want is to quit Succession too early. Could I hold on for the corporate dramatics? Or have I seen a a fair amount of that in other shows like Suits (2011-2019)?

Have you watched Succession? Is it worth continuing with the series? Which shows have you had to quit early recently and why?

Let me know in the comments. 

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5 thoughts on “SUCCESSION (2018): To Continue, Or Not To Continue, That Is The Question…”

  1. Interesting, and fair enough. Dysfunction isn’t always easy to look at in TV shows/movies; let alone in real life. Maybe you just don’t know who to root for yet.

  2. So my thoughts.. I started watching this show when it came out..I usually give a show 2 eps. max of 3 before I decide to quit or keep watching. I couldn’t stand this show by eps 2.. Some of the characters bugged me and maybe like you, I just wasn’t there for it at all. So I left it. When S2 came out and was over and done with and everyone KEPT on talking about it.. I was like hmmm..what was it that I missed? how can people be loving this so much? so i went back..mind you that’s what like a year and half later..And I got thru eps 3…then 4..then 5…and somewhere in there it kinda started to click. And I made it through all of the 1st season which while ending up being good..I still wasn’t in LOVE with it…then I started watching S2.and holy moly.. it was sooooooooooo much better than S1 which is really unusual, but damn, I kinda finally understood the hype. I still have my reservations about some of the characters..but the writing, acting and all was just much better on S2. So if you can make it thru S1 – know that you have something good waiting for you with S2. 🙂

    1. Dear Peggy. Thank you so much for sharing your detailed view on Succession. Because of your effort here, I’m going to get back to it. I simply can’t say no to the opportunity of experiencing an exceedingly well written/acted drama series.

      I’m excited to find out how much better season two is compared to season one. Thanks again 🤓

      1. Sometimes ya gotta get detailed hahahahha!! and I kinda knew EXACTLY how you were feeling on it because I felt the same. Hope you get through it and end up enjoying S2 like I did.

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