The Gray Man (2022), Chris Evans, Netflix

THE GRAY MAN (2022): The Things I liked…

Thrills and action were promised. And thrilling action is precisely what Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Ryan Gosling’s latest, The Gray Man delivered.

A key highlight of the Anthony and Joe Russo-directed action/thriller is all the action sequences that made it impossible for me to look away for at least two-thirds of the movie. Even more so during the scenes set in Prague.

Evans as the bad guy in a story about the CIA’s most skilled operative’s uncovering of dark agency secrets is a fun surprise. I rather enjoyed his well-dressed turn as a psychopath. Gosling has always been fun to watch in action roles, and The Gray Man is no different.

And to think that my Friday wasn’t quite going to plan today. It turns out that all it took was to watch the first ten minutes of The Gray Man to have me cheering and ‘woohooing’ at the thrilling action, smile-inducing dialogue, rich visuals and heart-thumping musical score.

Undeniably, perfect is not the word to describe The Gray Man. However, it is a perfectly entertaining escape that isn’t so easy to turn away from, especially during the highly engaging action scenes. 

If you’re a fan of the cast and directors, I implore you to alter your mood and take in all the highlights mentioned above, including the fun camera work.

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7 thoughts on “THE GRAY MAN (2022): The Things I liked…”

  1. Gia, yours is the 2nd positive review (2 out of 2) for The Gray Man. I plan on watching it tonight. I like the main players and action movies. Chris Evans has so much potential I hope they start giving him more meaty dramatic roles. I liken him to Bradley Cooper but even better.

    1. Greetings, Msjadeli! 🤓👋
      Excellent choice you’ve made for your Friday night. 👍 I’m a fan of both Cooper and Evans. It is a treat to see Evans try out new things. Long may he continue to surprise and delight us. 🙏 Also, it would be quite the treat to have have Cooper and Evans share the screen, wouldn’t it?I’ll begin my manifestations right away! 🧘😁🧘

  2. I am still very curious to check this out despite the tepid review. I do love the Russos, which is a bigger selling point for me more so than the cast, though I do love Rege Jean 😉

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