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ANGEL OF MINE (2019): New Trailer From Noomi Rapace, Luke Evans, Yvonne Strahovski…

Angel Of Mine (2019), Noomi Rapace, Lionsgate
Angel Of Mine (2019), Noomi Rapace, Lionsgate

New drama / thriller Angel Of Mine stars Noomi Rapace, Luke Evans and Yvonne Strahovski. It’s a Kim Farrant directed story about Lizzie, a grieving mother.

Lizzie lost her daughter in a tragic accident and starts to lose her grip on reality when she begins to think that her daughter may still be alive.

I’m in for a great Rapace performance. I’m also wondering whether Lizzie’s time in psychiatric care was simply ineffective or, was there a mix up and the the little girl is actually her daughter. There is definitely such a thing as ‘a mother’s instinct.’ And… they really do look alike. You see it.

Somebody bring out the DNA test!

Richard Roxburgh, Finn Little, Rob Collins, Rachel Gordon, Tracy Mann, Emily Gruhl, Mirko Grillini and Annika Whiteley also star.

Angel Of Mine Release Dates: August 30th, 2019 (US)…

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