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TheMovieMyLife, The Movie Love Continues…

Technically, precisely 67 days have passed. It’s just that I tend to embellish ever so slightly by saying 200 years for almost all periods of time that feel ridiculously long.

The reason for my absence from blogging isn’t as simple as being burnt out. I’m also unlikely to ever become tired of movies. However, life did become a tad more hectic than usual. So, I took the necessary 200 years to simplify my daily routine.

It would be great to say that I took the time to travel abroad and explore during half of the 67 days. Except, that I’m one of those people who’ll need more time before I can feel comfortable being on a plane/away from home again. One of these days I might even do some domestic travelling! Until then, quality time with friends and family is vacation enough for me, especially when I get to annoy my nearest and dearest to no end. They love it!

I spent some of my time away from blogging listening to podcasts. Naturally, I listened to – and continue to listen to a few that are linked to show business. For example, SmartLess, a funny, fun podcast hosted by filmmakers Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett; three friends who have enviable chemistry and lots of witty banter, and that’s before I mention their many great guests. Interviewees such as Ryan Reynolds, LeBron James, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Downey Jr., to name just a few.

SmartLess Podcast, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, Simplecast
SmartLess Podcast, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, Simplecast

A handful of random things I’ve learned since becoming a regular listener of podcasts include, but are not at all limited to, how much many of my Americans brothers and sisters apparently LOVE Target as a place with isles to enjoy walking down, particularly late at night. The second thing listening to podcasts made me realise is that podcasting is harder than it looks, because the art of great conversation is no easy thing.

The third and perhaps, most important thing that’s happened is I’ve reached a controversial conclusion. Specifically, that big fans of burger restaurants In-N-Out and Five Guys are as deluded as each other. Yes! This is fighting talk, and I’m certainly no fighter. Still, I had to say it. Even more so because I’ve eaten at both places, and I’m convinced that the patrons of each have dead taste buds, in different areas of the mouth. With that said, could the 200 years away made me braver? Or something else? šŸ˜

Whatever the answer, I say all the above to say that I’m back, dear movie lovers. And I look forward to catching up with your blogs to see what I’ve missed. Fingers crossed that you’ll enjoy the movie content along with the occasional non-movie specific topics I cover.

Which are some of your favourite podcasts? They don’t have to be about movies. Though, it helps if they’re funny.

Happy Film and Life Loving