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CARRIE PILBY (2016): I Had Hoped For More…

Carrie Pilby (2016), Bel Powley
Carrie Pilby (2016), Bel Powley

‘So, this is what uptight and highly strung looks like – up close.’

‘Why am I not warming to her?’ Ah yes, it’s because she’s annoying.’

‘I feel bad because I understand now why she irritates me. It’s not quite her fault, poor lass.’

‘This romantic element, I don’t care for it. It feels forced.’

Just a selection of some of the unfortunate thoughts that went through my head as I watched Carrie Pilby, a comedy / drama about a person of high intelligence who struggles to make sense of the world as it relates to morality, relationships, sex and leaving her apartment.

It’s  definitely telling that some days after watching Carrie Pilby, I remember how annoying the main character was but recall not a single moment that was particularly amusing or memorable.

I suppose it doesn’t help that when I think of a comedy where a person of high intelligence is struggling to make sense of the world, the first character that pops into my head is the well imagined and very funny Sheldon Cooper of CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Tough act to follow, clearly. Still, I’m not sure how much difference it would have made If I’d never heard of The Big Bang Theory before watching this movie.

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