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CHiPs (2017): The Thing I Liked…

CHiPs (2017), Michael Peña, Dax Shepherd
CHiPs (2017), Michael Peña, Dax Shepherd

I tuned in to ChiPs because of the trailer. I also happened to be in the mood for laughs in a movie with actors I already like. Michael Peña I appreciate because of End of Watch (2012) and Dax Shepherd for his recent appearance in an Interview on Hot Ones, a very popular YouTube series I enjoy.

With additional cast that includes, Kristen Bell, Maya Rudolph and Vincent D’Onofrio, CHiPs also has Shepherd occupying the director’s seat. The good news is that the thought, ‘that wasn’t a bad opener’ did cross my mind by the end of the first seven minutes of ChiPs. I enjoyed the shenanigans of the two Los Angeles Highway Patrol motorcycle officers played by Shepherd and Peña. I can therefore say that I found ChiPs adequately entertaining, story-wise. Another highlight with this movie is the beautiful imagery of Los Angeles plus Peña and Shepherd’s chemistry, however awkward at times. 

I see ChiPs as an answer to the question ‘what’s the name of Dax Shepherd and Michael Peña’s movie?’ It’s certainly that for me more than it’s an answer to the question ‘which buddy / cop movie do you highly recommend?’

With that said, watch ChiPs if you’re really curious. I was, so I did. Luckily for me, I regret nothing.

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