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FREAKY (2020): New Trailer Starring Kathryn Newton, Vince Vaughn, Alan Ruck, Celeste O’Connor…

In new comedy/horror/thriller Freaky, Kathryn Newton plays Millie, a young girl in high school who, after swapping bodies with a deranged serial killer; she discovers that she has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent.

Directed by Christopher Landon; Vince Vaughn, Celeste O’Connor, and Alan Ruck are among the key cast.

This looks like promising, silly fun.

Another thing that stands out is how much fun Newton must have had playing Millie. Particularly once she turned killer.

I’m in for the two Newton roles and the Halloween silliness. Who can believe that Halloween is so close already?

Uriah Shelton, Katie Finneran, Kelly Lamor Wilson, Dana Drori, Misha Osherovich, Mitchell Hoog, Melissa Collazo and Dustin Lewis also star.

Freaky Release Dates: November 13th, 2020 (US)…

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HAPPY DEATH DAY (2017): New Trailer From Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine…

Happy Death Day (2017), Jessica Rothe
Happy Death Day (2017), Jessica Rothe

From director and co-writer Christopher Landon, Happy Death Day is a new horror / thriller / mystery about Tree, a girl who must relive the same day over and over again until she figures out who is trying to kill her and why…

Teaser trailer

Trailer 1

This does appear to be a parody of the ‘relive the same day of your  life over and over again until you figure something out’ genre. Films with the same theme that I’m aware of include – most recently Before I Fall (2016) and Groundhog Day (1993). Will the end result prove worthy? I’m certainly always open to a pleasant surprise.

Happy Death Day Release Dates: October 13th, 2017 (US); October 20th, 2017 (UK)…

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