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BEYOND THE LIGHTS (2014): Whatever’s In Your Heart, Do That

Beyond The Lights (2014), Gugu Mbartha-Raw
Beyond The Lights (2014), Gugu Mbartha-Raw

Firstly, I love the name of the female star of the Gina Prince-Bythewood directed Beyond The Lights. If you didn’t already know, It’s British actress Gugu Mbartha-Raw.

The pressures of fame and success as a female in the music business is an important aspect of this carefully handled story – which also stars Minnie Driver, Nate Parker and Danny Glover.

As I watched, I found myself reminded of all the times that famous and wise musicians have emphasised the importance of surrounding oneself with ‘the right people’ –  people who tell you the truth and those who absolutely have your best interests at heart.

Beyond The Lights (2014), Gugu Mbartha-Raw, Nate Parker
Beyond The Lights (2014), Gugu Mbartha-Raw, Nate Parker

There’s also a great message about personal truth and how it can be difficult to accept, but more often than not, when it finally is, therein lies the beginning of a journey toward one’s own version of happiness.

Sometimes being selfish is the only way. Especially since it’s from love of self and learning of / knowing one’s value that you have the strength to do what deep down you know you must.

Watch it because you’re curious about what the world of such a story can be like and because you want to know if and how the protagonist comes to fair under the pressures of both fame and her own personal truth.

Happy Beyond The Lights 🙂