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ROBIN WILLIAMS – COME INSIDE MY MIND (2018): New Trailer For Robin Williams Documentary…

Robin Williams - Come Inside My Mind (2018), Robin Williams
Robin Williams – Come Inside My Mind (2018), Robin Williams

Featuring those who knew him best including family, colleagues and friends, Robin Williams – Come Inside My Mind is a new documentary offering an intimate look into the life and work of the late comedian…

Featured friends include Billy Crystal, Steve Martin….

I’m in because he was great; on film, on stage and through his often very wise words.

When I think of Williams, first I see the pie covered face of Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), one of his most iconic characters. Then I try to remember my favourite of his many great quotes…

‘What is right is what is left if you do everything else wrong.’

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind Release Dates: July 13, 2018 (US)…

Happy Film Loving


JUST BEFORE I GO (2014): The Good Things

Just Before I Go (2014), Seann William Scott
Just Before I Go (2014), Seann William Scott

We meet the protagonist, Ted, played by Seann William Scott, at a point in his life when he has decided that it’s time to commit suicide – something he tells himself he must do but only after one last trip to his hometown.

Just before I Go is my first Courney Cox directed movie. It’s also the first time I’ve seen Sean William Scott in a serious dramatic role.

An Actor better known for his comedic work in Road Trip (2000) and the American Pie (1999) movies, I’m happy to conclude that Scott didn’t do terribly. Naturally however, I did find myself half expecting him to suddenly deliver a funny line – but that speaks more to the strength of his most memorable work and type-casting than anything else.

The key subject matter of Just before I Go is dark and some challenging real life situations are Featured. But worry not because this is a drama/ comedy, so the laughs do come and several of them courtesy of actor, Garret Dillahunt.

Just Before I Go (2014), Kyle Gallner
Just Before I Go (2014), Kyle Gallner

The best scene, in my view is the one where Ted’s teenage nephew, played by Kyle Gallner opens up to his uncle. Gallner’s character work in the movie is great overall – but especially in this scene.

Watch it if the topic of suicide intrigues you, you’re curious about Courtney Cox as a director or you just have to see Scott in a dramatic role. You could also simply be a big fan of at least one of the filmmakers involved.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


BEYOND THE LIGHTS (2014): Whatever’s In Your Heart, Do That

Beyond The Lights (2014), Gugu Mbartha-Raw
Beyond The Lights (2014), Gugu Mbartha-Raw

Firstly, I love the name of the female star of the Gina Prince-Bythewood directed Beyond The Lights. If you didn’t already know, It’s British actress Gugu Mbartha-Raw.

The pressures of fame and success as a female in the music business is an important aspect of this carefully handled story – which also stars Minnie Driver, Nate Parker and Danny Glover.

As I watched, I found myself reminded of all the times that famous and wise musicians have emphasised the importance of surrounding oneself with ‘the right people’ –  people who tell you the truth and those who absolutely have your best interests at heart.

Beyond The Lights (2014), Gugu Mbartha-Raw, Nate Parker
Beyond The Lights (2014), Gugu Mbartha-Raw, Nate Parker

There’s also a great message about personal truth and how it can be difficult to accept, but more often than not, when it finally is, therein lies the beginning of a journey toward one’s own version of happiness.

Sometimes being selfish is the only way. Especially since it’s from love of self and learning of / knowing one’s value that you have the strength to do what deep down you know you must.

Watch it because you’re curious about what the world of such a story can be like and because you want to know if and how the protagonist comes to fair under the pressures of both fame and her own personal truth.

Happy Beyond The Lights 🙂