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MR. TOILET – The World’s #2 Man (2019): New Trailer For Documentary About Jack Sim’s Work In The Name oF gOOD sANITATION…

Mr. Toilet - The World’s #2 Man (2019)
Mr. Toilet – The World’s #2 Man (2019)

Read my spoiler-free movie review of Mr. Toilet – The World’s #2 Man (2019)

Directed by Lily Zepeda, Mr. Toilet – The World’s #2 Man is a new documentary about eccentric entrepreneur Jack Sim.

Sim sacrifices his comfortable life for an endless battle against the world’s largest man-made crisis, sanitation…

I’m in for Sim’s personality, the story of how he found his purpose and the ways he’s selflessly bringing good sanitation to those who need it.

Mr. Toilet The World’s #2 Man Release Dates: November 8th, 2019…

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