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THE SIEGE OF JADOTVILLE (2016): New Trailer From Jamie Dornan, Mark Strong, Guillaume Canet,

The Siege Of Jadotville (2016), Jamie Dornan
The Siege Of Jadotville (2016), Jamie Dornan

Set in early 1960s Jadotville, Congo, Jamie Dornan’s latest movie The Siege Of Jadotville has him playing Irish UN Commander Pat Quinlan. A man who must lead 150 Irish soldiers against 3,000 French and Belgian Mercenaries…

I’m really glad to see Dornan in a role where he gets to use his country’s accent.
May things end as well as they possibly can for the key protagonist (s) involved, especially since they’re the underdog.
Based on the book by Declan Power, Richie Smyth is the director.

The Siege Of Jadotville Release Dates: 2016 (US)…

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LAST NIGHT (2010): You Can Be Happy And Still Be Tempted. True or False?

Last Night (2010), Keira Knightley, Guillaume Canet
Last Night (2010), Keira Knightley, Guillaume Canet

Last Night (2010), a beautifully told story and well paced drama/romance about a young, professional married couple who must confront their past and potential future whilst they spend a night apart. All this thanks to an attractive new colleague and a chance encounter with a past/first love.

Besides the hypnotic musical score and attractive young cast, featuring the wonderfully faced Keira Knightley, Avatar’s Sam Worthington plus Eva Mendes and Guillaume Canet, two things stood out for me in this film.

The first is a reminder to always trust your instincts. The second is the necessity to tread carefully in romantic entanglements – because given the choice, nobody really wants to have someone from their past that they label as ‘the one that got away’.

One more thing. Did I already mention the enchanting musical score?

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