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The Siege Of Jadotville (2016), Jamie Dornan
The Siege Of Jadotville (2016), Jamie Dornan

Until The Siege Of Jadotville, I’d only seen Jamie Dornan in one movie; the hugely successful but not particularly well regarded Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015). Since the latter film, I’ve been looking forward to finding out what else Dornan could do in front of the camera.

Directed by Richie Smyth and set in early 1960s Congo, The Siege Of Jadotville is based on the true story of Irish UN Commander Pat Quinlan and his leadership of 150 Irish soldiers against 3000 French and Belgian Mercenaries.

My enjoyment of this movie isn’t because I was blinded by the beautiful Irish accents. The entire cast delivered good performances and there’s a beautifully tense scene at a bar quite early on. There’s also the cinematography and how well director Richie Smyth and his team rose to the challenge of capturing military combat.

By the end of the movie, I was left inspired to fight my corner when necessary, happy to have found my favourite Jamie Dornan movie to date and reminded to be careful of underestimating my opponents, however in my favour the odds may appear.

Watch The Siege Of Jadotville which also stars Jason O’Mara, Mark Strong, Danny Sapani and Sam Keeley- to name just a few because there’s is more to enjoy than just the lovely Irish accents.

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THE SIEGE OF JADOTVILLE (2016): New Trailer From Jamie Dornan, Mark Strong, Guillaume Canet,

The Siege Of Jadotville (2016), Jamie Dornan
The Siege Of Jadotville (2016), Jamie Dornan

Set in early 1960s Jadotville, Congo, Jamie Dornan’s latest movie The Siege Of Jadotville has him playing Irish UN Commander Pat Quinlan. A man who must lead 150 Irish soldiers against 3,000 French and Belgian Mercenaries…

I’m really glad to see Dornan in a role where he gets to use his country’s accent.
May things end as well as they possibly can for the key protagonist (s) involved, especially since they’re the underdog.
Based on the book by Declan Power, Richie Smyth is the director.

The Siege Of Jadotville Release Dates: 2016 (US)…

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