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SWINGING SAFARI (2017) New Trailer From Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Julian McMahon…

Swinging Safari (2017), Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue
Swinging Safari (2017), Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue

Starring Guy PearceKylie Minogue, Julian McMahon and Radha Mitchell, Swinging Safari is about a teenager coming of age in a small Australian town during the 1970s, when a 200-ton blue whale gets washed up on a local beach.

Directed by Stephan Elliot the movie also stars Jack Thompson and Asher Keddie…

Even if all I end up watching of this movie is this trailer, I won’t mind too much because this is two minutes of very entertaining Australian ‘madness’.

Besides the promising humour, I’m most looking forward to seeing popstar Kylie Minogue in actor mode.

Swinging Safari Release Dates: January 18th, 2018 (AUS)…


SAN ANDREAS (2015): When Trailer Music Hits The Right Notes

San Andreas (2015): Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino
San Andreas (2015): Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino

I love the music in the new trailer for San Andreas (2015) (nothing to do with the Grand Theft Auto video games).

The general pace and rhythm of this preview provides a welcome contrast to the chaos of the film’s reality.

When I like a trailer, I always really hope that the film is equally good, if not better. To this end, seeing Paul Giamatti’s face helped provide some reassurance. My fingers are crossed for the end result.

One more thing, you don’t see her face in the trailer, (at least I didn’t) but this film is additional evidence of Pop Singer Kylie Minogue’s return to acting.

For those wondering, the song is a version/ sample of The Mamas & Papas ‘California dreaming…’ by Robot Koch & Delhia de France

Happy San Andreas 🙂