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NAKED (2017): It’s…

Naked (2017), Marlon Wayans
Naked (2017), Marlon Wayans

Naked is another movie that’s inspired by Groundhog Day (1993). Except this time, instead of a weatherman, a future groom is forced to relive the same nerve-wracking hours over and over again until he learns what he’s supposed to learn to become a better person.

Directed by Michael Tiddes, part of my issue with Naked is that Marlon Wayans’s character just wasn’t trying hard enough to make it to the wedding. Some of the movie  felt quite silly and sadly not as smart as such a story ought to be. Wayans’s character ended up being too over the top in pats to be amusing. I’ve basically concluded that I’ll probably have to stick to a younger me’s memories of Senseless (1998), one of the few Wayans performances I really enjoyed. There’s also the Scream parody films Scary Movie too, I think.

This year alone I’ve seen 3 movies all for the first time and about characters re-living the same day over and over again. There are a few well executed moments in Naked but not enough to make this movie the kind I recommend.

Watch it if you must, but only if you simply must.

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