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DE PALMA (2016): New Trailer For Documentary About Film Director Brian De Palma

De Palma (2016), Brian De Palma
De Palma (2016), Brian De Palma

Directed by Jake Paltrow and Noah Baumbach, De Palma is the new documentary about Brian De Palma, director of some of the most loved films of the 20th century. Movies including Carrie (1976)Scarface (1983), Carlito’s Way (1993), Mission: Impossible (1996)…

I’ve seen three out of the four movies mentioned above and I love them all. So yes, I’ll be watching what I’m sure will be a revealing documentary.

The mood for a De Palma marathon has now struck. One lifetime just isn’t enough time to watch all the films my heart desires. Sigh…

De Palma Release Dates: June 10th, 2016 (US)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂


WHILE WE’RE YOUNG (2015): Comedy About Some Of The Challenges Of Middle Age

While We're Young (2014), Ben Stiller Naomi Watts
While We’re Young (2014), Ben Stiller Naomi Watts

Witten and directed by Noah Baumbach, While We’re Young stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a middle aged couple, who are having difficulty letting go of the idea of themselves as young. Especially so after they meet and befriend two 25 year olds played by Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver.

The jokes about ageing are my favourite moments in While We’re Young. I also enjoyed the character study of the man Stiller plays. In particular, the way he’s an example of what it can be like during middle age, when certain paths/ projects that had been an option years before, end up not being committed to or completed.

I really hope that when it’s my turn, I’ll be able to handle the idea of youth being something in my past with at least a touch of grace. However, based on the sizeable meltdown I had when I turned twenty. I wouldn’t advise betting on it.

Happy While We’re Young 🙂


MISTRESS AMERICA (2015): New Comedy From Noah Baumbach Starring Greta Gerwig…

Mistress America (2015), Greta Gerwig
Mistress America (2015), Greta Gerwig

I haven’t watched Greta Gerwig in a film since 2010’s Greenberg with Ben Stiller. Looking at the trailer for Gerwig’s new Noah Baumbach directed comedy, Mistress America, I really have no excuse not to. In fact, I’m already sold on her character’s refreshingly interesting and adventurous persona.

Bring on all the kooky. I’m ready

Happy Mistress America 🙂