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THE AFTERMATH (2019): The Things I Liked…

The Aftermath (2019), Keira Knightley, Fox Searchlight
The Aftermath (2019), Keira Knightley, Fox Searchlight

Set in Hamberg, Germany, in director James Kent’s post WWII drama The Aftermath, Jason Clarke plays British colonel Lewis Morgan. 

Morgan is assigned to live in Hamberg where his wife Rachael (Keira Knightly) reluctantly agrees to join him. The house provided to the colonel is occupied by German architect Stephen (Alexander Skarsgård) and his daughter, both of whom now have to move out with the arrival of the British couple. It’s the resultant tensions between the film’s characters inside and outside the house that helped keep me interested in Kent’s film.

I like the way parts of Kent’s film is lit, shot and edited. The latter particularly in regards to the truth of the nature of Morgan’s relationship with his wife.

Even though The Aftermath is set during quite a sad time for many of the characters, I didn’t find the experience of watching the movie to be especially depressing, which is probably thanks to all the romance. I mean, they do say that there’s nothing quite like love to lift one’s spirits.

In addition to the romance, I adored the gorgeous main house in which several scenes are shot. It certainly proved a welcome contrast to all the bombing rubble outside. Another highlight I noticed at trailer stage is Rachael’s attire. It seems as though Knightley always gets to wear great clothing in her movies. Perhaps it’s written into her contract. Either that or she just has the ability to make clothes look fantastic. The latter definitely seems more likely.

Watch The Aftermath if you’re curious. It’s not perfect but there are things to like about it. One thing you may realise by the end is just how perfect the film’s title really is – considering all the various ‘aftermaths’ within.

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