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STRAIGHT UP (2019): New Trailer Starring James Scully, Katie Findlay, James Sweeney, Randall Park…

Straight Up (2020), James Sweeney, Katie Lindsay
Straight Up (2020), James Sweeney, Katie Lindsay

Straight Up, a romance / comedy minus the copulation. Why? Because this is the story of an odd couple whose romantic friendship develops out of intellectual chemistry rather than sexual attraction.

Written, directed by and starring James Sweeney; additional key cast includes Randall Park, Katie Findlay, James Scully…

The premise certainly intrigues me. And I already like the dialogue, costumes, framing and cinematography. Now fingers crossed that the end result will be delightful.

Tracie Thoms, Cayleb Long, Grace Song, Betsy Brandt, Laura Ortiz, Logan Huffman, Hillary Anne Matthews, Brendan Scannell, Ken Kirby, Ozioma Akagha and Dana Drori also star.

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