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THE EQUALIZER 2 (2018): The Things I Liked…

The Equalizer 2 (2018), Denzel Washington
The Equalizer 2 (2018), Denzel Washington

In The Equaliser 2, Denzel Washington’s Robert McCall is, as aways more than ready to serve up an unflinching justice in the name of the exploited and oppressed. Since in director Antoine Fuqua’s sequel, one of the oppressed happens to be someone McCall loves dearly, he wastes no time in setting up a series of smart manoeuvres that prove arguably as thrilling and unexpected as in the first movie, The Equalizer (2014).

With a well-chosen supporting cast that includes Ashton Sanders (Moonlight 2016), Pedro Pascal and Melissa Leo, I particularly enjoyed the dynamic and chemistry between Denzel and Pascal’s characters. My favourite of the most thrilling moments involves the ‘panic room’ scene. A scene that was almost too intense and suspenseful for my little thriller loving heart to bear.

What unfortunately ensures that The Equaliser 2 is not quite as memorable as the first movie includes the fact that it’s a sequel and therefore has the element of familiarity strongly fighting against it. The other reason for me personally is how the beginning portion of the film felt a little disconnected from the rest of it. 

Overall, I say there’s still enough good stuff going on to make The Equaliser 2 a worthy movie. You will certainly be thrilled, moved and possibly find yourself feeling lucky and grateful, especially for all the good, helpful people you’re knowingly and unknowingly connected to.

Watch it if you’re so curious.

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