EVERY SECRET THING (2014) Trailer Of The Week

Like a great film, great trailers are not easy to make.

Every Secret Thing (2014), Elizabeth Banks
Every Secret Thing (2014), Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks, Diane Lane and Dakota Fanning are the stars of the latest brilliant trailer. It’s so interesting that I’m more than ready to watch the movie right this minute.

See for yourself…

It’s good because of the editing, music atmosphere, stars and the masterful tease.

Happy Every Secret Thing 🙂


4 thoughts on “EVERY SECRET THING (2014) Trailer Of The Week”

  1. I saw this last year. It also stars Diane Lane ! 🙂 (why no love for her?!)
    Infact she is the main, top billed star. Great performance.

    1. Love for Diane Lane is now reflected 🙂 I blame it on my love for Elizabeth Banks. I love her in comedic roles and was so excited to see her in another dramatic role. Thanks for not dropping any spoilers


  2. Yes – this is a great film for Elizabeth Banks to show off her acting chops. She is superb as are all the cast. Really powerful movie. Thanks for the Diane Lane love 🙂

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