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MAYA ANGELOU – AND STILL I RISE (2016): New Trailer For Maya Angelou Documentary

Maya Angelou - And Still I Rise (2016), Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou – And Still I Rise (2016), Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou – And Still I Rise is the new feature length documentary about one of the world’s most remarkable women. Actress, writer, dancer, poet, activist and an inspiration to millions from all over…

Angelou’s story is one I’d love to know even more about, since I’m sure it will only continue to have a positive impact on my life. I envisage an increase in sales of her book, I Know Why A Caged Bird Sings following release.

Maya Angelou – And Still I Rise Release Dates: October 14th, 2016 (US)…

Happy Film Loving


RUN ALL NIGHT (2015): I tuned In For The Chase…

Run All Night (2015), Liam Neeson
Run All Night (2015), Liam Neeson

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra; there’s another reason I watched Run All Night besides its New York mobster underworld setting and its stars Liam Neeson and Joel Kinnaman. I appreciate how the title implies that the movie is essentially an all night chase sequence.

Run All Night does indeed feature an all night pursuit and you’ll find yourself holding your breath in several tension filled moments. Though, as satisfactory as the chases are, it was very much the less than ideal father/son relationship between Jimmy Conlon (Neeson) and his son Mike (Kinnaman) that kept me invested.

Having now seen Run All Night, my favourite movie chase sequences are still delivered by the Mel Gibson directed Apocalypto (2006) and Tony Scott’s Enemy Of The State (1998).

Watch Run All Night if you’re curious about the father son dynamic mentioned above and if you can’t get enough of films that feature Neeson protecting loved ones and taking down bad guys; something he did most brilliantly in Taken (2008).  Otherwise, for your fix of a recent New York City mobster underworld movie, you can’t go wrong with The Drop (2014).

Ed Harris, Boyd Holbrook, Genesis Rodriguez, Common and Bruce McGill also star in Run All Night.

Happy Film Loving  🙂


EVERY SECRET THING (2014) Trailer Of The Week

Like a great film, great trailers are not easy to make.

Every Secret Thing (2014), Elizabeth Banks
Every Secret Thing (2014), Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks, Diane Lane and Dakota Fanning are the stars of the latest brilliant trailer. It’s so interesting that I’m more than ready to watch the movie right this minute.

See for yourself…

It’s good because of the editing, music atmosphere, stars and the masterful tease.

Happy Every Secret Thing 🙂