SPECTRE (2015): The Things I Loved Most…

Spectre (2015), Daniel Craig
Spectre (2015), Daniel Craig

I’ll start this post by saying that my favourite James Bond film of all time remains the massively thrilling Casino Royale (2006). How does this bode with the fact that this is a post about Spectre? Not exactly very well but not absolutely disastrous either.

As the second Bond film directed by Sam Mendes, Spectre succeeds in providing most, if not all of those wonderful thrills synonymous with Craig’s Bond. Thrills that include great action sequences, beautiful cinematography, style, a wonderful sense of Britishness, great musical score, camera work, dialogue, etc. The only downside is that Casino Royale and Skyfall both do all of those things, just and better.


Spectre (2015), Lea Seydoux
Spectre (2015), Lea Seydoux

Overall, I enjoyed Spectre, even though it did feel a little odd without Judi Dench as M.  I won’t be forgetting the very raw and intense fight sequence on the moving train any time soon

There’s also the moment in the beginning where Bond is walking across the rooftop in Mexico City. I just love the music used here and the way it builds up with every step Bond takes towards his target. This is  the moment the famous ‘Bond is back!’ feeling took over; resulting in a prolonged, joyous and silent scream – much to the relief of my fellow cinema goers.

I do wonder though, whether I’d love the rooftop scene as much as I do if Daniel Craig’s physique, especially the way he moves and holds a gun wasn’t so arrestingly appealing? Probably not – and thankfully I know that I never have to find out.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


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