THE DISCOVERY (2017): The Thing I Liked…

The Discovery (2017), Rooney Mara
The Discovery (2017), Rooney Mara

As you may have heard and read by now, the latest film from Robert Redford, Jason Segel and Rooney Mara, The Discovery has a rather memorable first five minutes – and it’s true.

Written and directed by Justin Lader and Charlie McDowell respectively; the team who brought us the rather good The One I Love (2014); The Discovery is a drama / mystery set two years after it’s scientifically proven that there is indeed an afterlife. 

In addition to the opening scene, I did enjoy some of the discussion about what happens in the afterlife – particularly the exploration of whether it’s actually real. There are also one or two more unexpected things that take place later on in the movie that had me surprised, in a good way. Nevertheless, I feel as though had it not been for the good opening scene, there would be much less to say about The Discovery. Reason being most of the film is more ‘OK-ish’ than great. Sure, tune in for the first five minutes and if you’re curious enough, continue on.

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