PERMISSION (2017): New Trailer From Dan Stevens, Rebecca Hall…

Permission (2017), Dan Stevens, Rebecca Hall
Permission (2017), Dan Stevens, Rebecca Hall

Written and directed by Brian Crano, Dan Stevens and Rebecca Hall star in Permission, a comedy drama about a woman soon to be proposed to.

The same woman also listens to a friend who suggests that she should date other men before committing to forever with her her boyfriend…

The precise nature of my thoughts when I read the synopsis went something like: ‘Oooooh… this sure isn’t going to end well… probably.’ Nevertheless though, I’d still quite love to be surprised, for entertainment value purposes.

Gina Gershon, François Arnaud, Raúl Castillo, Michelle Hurst and Morgan Spector also star.

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4 thoughts on “PERMISSION (2017): New Trailer From Dan Stevens, Rebecca Hall…”

  1. Uh, seems like this film is all about “modern, open-ended relationships”. It is so easy nowadays to connect instantly with strangers. The choice can be overwhelming, but that is where morality comes into play. I like that the film tries to portray a relationship which can be that complicated, rather than just to settle for something perfect and expected.

    1. Your interpretation and perspective is interesting. Ultimately it all depends on the individuals involved. Sometimes you just have to explore something if it’s on your mind so much, in order to avoid regret. That’s not to say that the exploration itself won’t also lead to regret. ‘To thine own self be true’ Seems like a fitting phrase.

      I look forward to finding out how it all unfolds.

      1. Hi Pat. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🤓I vaguely recall trying to watch this movie and finding that I couldn’t continue because something about it made me think it wasn’t good. It may have been the dialogue, the pacing or something else. I may also have not been in the right mood for it. I wish I could remember more distinctly…

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