THE OLD MAN & THE GUN (2018): The Thing I Liked…

The Old Man & The Gun (2018), Robert Redford
The Old Man & The Gun (2018), Robert Redford

Starring Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Donald Glover and Casey Affleck, The Old Man & The Gun is a good, charming – as expected, well acted, engaging and sometimes a little amusing movie.

Part of what makes director David Lowery’s film a unique experience is that unlike most, if not all other bank robber movies you’ve seen, this one is quite a relaxed experience (not to be confused with slow). Especially when you consider that Forrest Tucker, the real person on whom Redford’s character is based was described by his victims as well mannered and a gentleman; one who even took to smiling as he robbed.

We get to learn a little about Tucker’s life before he becomes a  septuagenarian, yet I still felt as though I needed a whole documentary about him. Particularly since The Old Man & The Gun had me thinking about Tucker’s psychology. How hard did he really try to find something less criminal than robbing banks to make himself feel as though he was really living? It’s one thing to be compelled to steal in order to survive, it’s something else to do it because it’s fun and delivers on that ‘alive feeling’.

Considering his polite gentlemanly approach, perhaps Tucker just decided to cause as little harm as possible whilst doing his favourite thing which happened to be criminal and best done whilst pointing a gun. Then again, perhaps not.

My conclusion is this: humans are complicated. Maybe watch The Old Man & The Gun to see an intriguing example of just that. Watch it for the charm and because I think it’s one of Redford’s last movies, if not his very last. I heard he’s retiring.

Lastly, Lowery does well to keep this film engaging but definitely don’t go into this expecting anything like the rather brilliant bank robbing opening sequence of The Dark Knight (2008). Make sure you’re relaxed, in the mood for an easy viewing movie experience and be ready to smile.

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