M3gan (2023), Amie Donald, Universal Pictures

M3GAN (2023): New Trailer From Allison Williams, Ronny Chieng, Jenna Davis, Amie Donald…

The latest from Allison Williams, Ronny Chieng, Jenna Davis and Amie Donald is a creepy horror/sci-fi/thriller.

A Gerard Johnstone-directed story about a robotics engineer who builds a life-like doll named M3gan that begins to have ideas outside the brief.

I’m interested because this is a horror/sci-fi/thriller, rather than a straight horror film. I also definitely want to see how well the creepy factor translates. So far, both the presence and the idea of M3gan make me uneasy. However, nothing in this trailer is quite s creepy as the thing at 2:03

I’m also a little concerned about how well I’ll be able to suspend my disbelief. I probably liked the premise more before it leaned more strongly into being a horror film. Surely M3gan would still be intriguing without what seems like gratuitous horror theatrics. for theatrics sake.

Lastly, why is M3gan is having to run on all fours at 1:40? It seems strange, no?

How curious are you about M3gan?

Violet McGraw, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Arlo Green, Jen Van Epps, Kira Josephson and Stephane Garneau-Monten also star.

M3gan Release Dates: January 6th, 2023 (US), January 13th (UK)…

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14 thoughts on “M3GAN (2023): New Trailer From Allison Williams, Ronny Chieng, Jenna Davis, Amie Donald…”

  1. It’s a pleasant fantasy for kids who are being bullied/victimized/exploited. It isn’t a reassuring endorsement for home-based androids though lol. I like the look of it and will see it at some point.

  2. I am very much obsessed with M3GAN at the moment. I want to see it right now. It’s got everything I like about some horror movies. Creepy kids, killer dolls, and evil A.I. Maybe it didn’t need to be horror, but I’m glad they’re not taking things too seriously. The running on all fours and dancing seems intentionally campy.

  3. I saw the trailer a few days ago. I am hoping it is totally off-the-wall and doesn’t try to deliver any heavy messages, because otherwise it doesn’t interest me. If this M3GAN goes all John Wick on everyone, that might be worth a watch.

    1. I hear you. I guess, overall it shouldn’t matter too much which version of the Android story it is. Just as long as it’s good and entertaining. Still, I’m quite certain you’re winning this one. It seems to be deliberately ‘extra,’ for want of a better phrase. 🤓

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