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KILLING GUNTHER (2017): New Trailer From Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cobie Smulders, Hannah Simone, Taran Killam…

Killing Gunther (2017), Arnold Schwarzenegger.png
Killing Gunther (2017), Arnold Schwarzenegger.png

Killing Gunther is a new action comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that I really want to see. Written, directed by and co-starring Taran Killam, Arnie plays the world’s greatest assassin who’s working to make sure that all the eccentric assassins fed up with him and focused on trying to kill him do not succeed…

I don’t remember the last time I saw Arnie looking this stylish and happy in a movie. I definitely like it.

A quick question… at some point during and after watching this trailer, did you also get a sudden urge to grab your neck? I’m grabbing mine right now and every few minutes as I type this post. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, go ahead and rewind the video back to 1:44.

Fingers crossed that Killing Gunther turns out well because I’m always in the mood for a promising comedy that no one expected.

Allison Tolman, Bobby Moynihan and Aaron Yoo also star.

Killing Gunther Release Dates (TBC)…

Happy Film Loving


THE INTERVENTION (2016): The Things I Liked…


Starring  Cobie Smulders, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter and Natasha Lyonne, The Intervention is  a good reminder for why having a professional moderator at family interventions is often a great idea.

The realistic way the movie captures family and sibling dynamics is a highlight. Another would be the funny scenes featuring Melanie Lynskey’s character, the ones where she made me laugh when comedy was far from her character’s intention – in a good way.

By the end of The Intervention, I did unfortunately fall out of love with the story, thanks to the seemingly rushed and forced way everything was concluded. Before then though, I had a reasonably good time.

Besides the film’s reliable cast as a reason for watching, Writer /actor and director Clea DuVall’s movie interested me because interventions intrigue me. I wanted to see how things would pan out for the characters.

I can confirm that there are definitely no current plans for an intervention in the near future on my side. Perhaps tune in if you have such plans. Or just  watch it for the knowledge and the cast, which also includes,  Alia Shawkat and Vincent Piazza.

Happy Film Loving


JACK REACHER – NEVER GO BACK (2016): New Trailer Starring Tom Cruise & Cobie Smulders

Jack Reacher - Never Go back (2016), Tom Cruise
Jack Reacher – Never Go back (2016), Tom Cruise

Look closely at the above photo. What a perfectly civil and friendly exchange the people in the shot seem to be having, right? Now watch the trailer below…

In Jack Reacher – Never Go Back, Tom Cruise returns as the highly capable homicide investigator, Jack Reacher – except this time he’s the accused.

I’m still yet to watch the original movie, Jack Reacher (2012) – though clearly, it’s time I did. Even more so since I love badass moves like the one with the care window. The last time I got excited about an impressive and swift movie magic manoeuvre was thanks to Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer (2014).

I’ll be tuning in because of Tom Cruise and his badass ways. Still, it’s probably worth mentioning that Cobie Smulders, Robert Knepper and Aldis Hodge also star, 

Jack Reacher – Never Go Back Release Dates: October 21st, 2016 (US & UK), November 3rd, 2016 (GER)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂


RESULTS (2015): For An Unconventional Experience…

Results (2015), Cobie Smulders, Guy Pearce
Results (2015), Cobie Smulders, Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce, Cobie Smulders, Giovanni Ribisi and Kevin Corrigan are the stars of Results, a rather weird comedy written/ directed by Andrew Bujalski.

When I say weird, I’m referring to the characters and the unconventional way the story is told. In which case, weird isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

One of the most interesting things about Results, besides what’s going on with Giovanni Ribisi’s hair would have to be what each of the actors brings to their roles. Specifically their portrayals of individuals who seem rather lost.

Bujalski’s film definitely had me somewhat lost and wondering what is this film really about, what on earth was going on with this story? With that said, if you’re after consistency in tone, a more traditional tale of romance and a laugh out loud comedy, you’re not really going to find that in Results. 

I saw the movie because I like all the actors involved. So watch it for a different type of movie-making style that’s unconventional and peculiar and/ or if you too, love the cast

Happy Results 🙂