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EXTINCTION (2018): New Trailer From Michael Peña, Mike Colter, Lizzy Caplan…

Extinction (2018), Michael Peña
Extinction (2018), Michael Peña

Extinction, a new Ben Young directed sci-fi / thriller about a father’s recurring nightmare showing his family in grave danger becoming a reality. The nightmare comes true when the planet is suddenly invaded by a highly destructive force and so the fight for their lives begins.

Michael Peña, Mike Colter, Lizzy Caplan star…

I’m probably being way too optimistic here but I’m interested because I want an explanation for why he could see the future. I’d love a twist in the story. For example, is he linked to the invaders somehow? My fingers are crossed for  a worthy Netflix movie.

Emma Booth, Israel Broussard, Tom Riley and Georgia Goodman also star

Extinction Release Dates: July 27th, 2018 (US)…

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