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GREED (2019): New Trailer From Steve Coogan, Isla Fisher, Asa Butterfield, David Mitchell…

Greed (2019), Steve Coogan, Film4
Greed (2019), Steve Coogan, Film4

Starring Steve Coogan, Isla Fisher, Asa Butterfield and David Mitchell, Greed is a new Michael Winterbottom written / directed satire about the world of the super-rich.

Set in the celebrity filled world of luxury fashion, the comedy / drama is centred around the build up to a sixtieth birthday party in Mykonos, Greece…

A part of me wants to see this for Coogan’s character’s teeth alone. Mostly however, it’s the humour that has me interested. That and an inside look into the life of the super rich.

I wonder who this is really based on / inspired by…

Shirley Henderson, Jamie Blackley, Sarah Solemani, Pearl Mackie, Enzo Cilenti, Shanina Shaik, Polly Kemp and Asim Chaudhry also star.

Greed Release Dates: February 21st, 2020 (US & UK)…

Happy Film Loving


THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013): Who Knew Greed Could Be So Entertaining?

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013), Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill
The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013), Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill

Martin Scorsese’s Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) is absolutely dripping with testosterone, not that this should be surprising.

Typical of all other popular accounts of life on Wall Street, there’s plenty, and then some – of the expected excess and debauchery.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013), Leonardo DiCaprio
The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013), Leonardo DiCaprio

Based on a true story about the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort (Dicaprio’s character), the audience, particularly the ambitious will relate to the protagonist’s determination to succeed, as well as get some insight into the many ways the American dream can go very wrong indeed.

With  plenty of well written male banter (one of my favourite things), and great performances all round, you will spend a surprising amount of time laughing. Leonardo Dicaprio and his more than qualified supporting cast absolutely deliver.

The Mark Hanna character played by Matthew McConaughey is so entertaining that you’ll find yourself wanting more.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013), Matthew McConaughey
The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013), Matthew McConaughey

Jonah Hill, an Actor better known for comedy hits including Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Superbad (2007) is great as Donny Azoff. Azoff’s teeth and hair may be highly questionable, but you’ll see that Hill’s performance certainly isn’t.

Girls will definitely enjoy the film but I have a strong suspicion that boys will love it more.

Happy Wolf Of Wall Street 🙂