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RED JOAN (2018): It’s…

Red Joan (2018), Judi Dench, IFC Films
Red Joan (2018), Judi Dench, IFC Films

Red Joan, the Trevor Nunn directed drama / biography based on the true story of Melita Stedman Norwood, the KGB’s longest serving British spy isn’t quite what I’d hoped.

Not that I was expecting James Bond level antics, however, even though Red Joan is adequately acted, there’s a certain absence of excitement in Nunn’s story. I remained curious enough to watch till the end, but the way the movie is written and edited certainly didn’t allow for me to become very strongly invested emotionally in how things would turn out for the protagonist(s).

Furthermore, I felt as though not enough was delved into as deeply as needed. For example, the film barely sold Joan to me as a person who really believed in saving the world. Assuming she wasn’t lying about her motivations, I wanted to know and understand if by the end she was in fact delusional or was she to some level effective in her mission, as she believed.

Sure, watch Red Joan if you absolutely must. Otherwise, for a loosely similar but far more brilliantly executed film… The Imitation Game (2014).

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RED JOAN (2018): New Trailer From Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Tom Hughes…

Red Joan (2019), Judi Dench
Red Joan (2019), Judi Dench, IFC Films

Read my spoiler-free movie review of Red Joan (2018)

Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson and Tom Hughes are the stars of Red Joan, a Trevor Nunn directed biography / thriller about the KGB’s longest-serving British spy…

I’m watching because Dench and Cookson are great, I very much want to hear Joan’s justifications and… interrogations are usually fun to watch.

Melita Stedman Norwood is the real name of the spy whose story Red Joan is based on.

Stephen Campbell Moore, Kevin Fuller, Freddie Gaminara, Stephen Boxer and Paul Kerry also star.

Red Joan Release Dates: April 19th, 2019 (UK)…

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ASHES IN THE SNOW (2019): New Trailer From Bel Powley, Peter Franzén, Sophie Cookson…

Ashes In The Snow (2019), Bel Powley
Ashes In The Snow (2019), Bel Powley

In new historical drama Ashes In The Snow, Bel Powley is Lina, a 16 year-old aspiring artist when in 1941, herself and her family are deported to Siberia amidst Stalin’s brutal dismantling of the Baltic region.

Also starring Peter Franzén, Sophie Cookson and directed by Marius A. Markevicius,  Lina’s love of  art and her un-relenting hope will prove more important than she imagined…

Whilst hoping that Powley’s accent doesn’t prove too distracting, I think this could be a good one. Especially since it’s based The New York Times bestselling novel, Between Shades Of Gray by author Ruta Sepetys.

Additional key cast includes James Cosmo, Martin Wallström, Timothy Innes, Jonah Hauer-King and Sam Hazeldine.

Ashes In The Snow Release Dates:  January 11th, 2019 (US)…

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THE HUNTSMAN – WINTER’S WAR (2016): New Trailer From Christ Hemsworth & Charlize Theron

The Huntsman - Winters War (2016), Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron
The Huntsman – Winters War (2016), Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron

I tuned in to the original film, Snow White & The Huntsman (2012) because the trailer was brilliant and Charlize Theron was involved. With the The Huntsman Winter’s War, the same reasons apply, but with the added bonus of two more talented ladies, Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain…

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Release Date (s): April 22nd, 2016 (US & UK)…

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KINGSMAN – THE SECRET SERVICE (2014): Everything I Wanted To See

Kingsman - The Secret Service (2014), Taron Egerton, Colin Firth
Kingsman – The Secret Service (2014), Taron Egerton, Colin Firth

What a very pleasant surprise! Of course I should have had way more faith – if only because the film is directed by Matthew Vaughn, part of the great team that brought us Snatch (2000) and Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (1998).

Starring Colin Firth, Sofia Boutella, Samuel L Jackson, Mark Strong, Michael Caine and Taron Egerton, Kingsman – The Secret Service or Kingsman for short is a great movie.

Kingsman - The Secret Service (2014), Sofia Boutella
Kingsman – The Secret Service (2014), Sofia Boutella

A story of adventure, fun characters, action, well choreographed fight sequences and some good old British gentlemanly charm. Kingsman is certainly very stylish and I definitely don’t just mean the suits.

There are one or two things that you’ll see coming, but even more so, the spectacle will surprise you and exceed your expectations.

All that remains is patiently waiting for the next instalment.

Happy Kingsman, The Secret Service 🙂