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I AM MOTHER (2019): The Thing I Liked…

I Am Mother (2019), Hilary Swank, Netflix
I Am Mother (2019), Hilary Swank, Netflix

In Netflix sci-fi movie I Am Mother, a robot ‘mother’ created to repopulate earth following human extinction must deal with an inexplicable stranger. A stranger who arrives with news that threatens her unique bond with her teenage daughter.

The intriguing premise and Oscar winner Hilary Swank’s involvement are the reasons I watched I Am Mother. Also starring Rose Byrne and Clara Rugaard, overall director Grant Sputore’s movie is an OK sci-fi mystery. It’s interesting enough even though it could have moved faster. The most engaging part for me is towards the end when the characters’ full truths are finally revealed. By this point it became quite clear to me why Swank had agreed to play her specific role. Her character’s precise predicament and emotional journey are truly interesting in terms of the general experience of being human.

I say watch I Am Mother if you’re curious. Though the movie is indeed a Netflix sci-fi film, it’s also better than other recent Netlix films of the shame genre. Namely IO (2019) and Extinction (2018). I definitely wouldn’t recommend watching those two unless you really, really absolutely have to. 

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