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INDIGNATION (2016): New Trailer Starring Logan Lerman & Sarah Gadon

Indignation (2016), Logan Lerman
Indignation (2016), Logan Lerman

Directed by James Schamus, Starring Logan Lerman and Sarah Gadon, I haven’t read the Philip Roth book on which todays’ trailer for Indignation is based, but I love how interesting the trailer makes the story seem…

I last saw Lerman’s work in Stuck In Love (2012) and I liked it. Now I can’t wait to find out about what it is that shaped his character’s repression and cultural disaffection in his new movie. What ever the answer, it looks like his mother definitely has a hand in it.

Well done, trailer maker.

Indignation Release Dates: July 29th, 2016 (US)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂