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AWAKE (2021): New Trailer Starring Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Shamier Anderson, Ariana Greenblatt…

Awake (2021), Finn Jones, Gina Rodriguez, Netflix
Awake (2021), Finn Jones, Gina Rodriguez, Netflix

In the world of new sci-fi/thriller Awake, a devastating global event has wiped out all electronics and eliminated people’s ability to sleep. Gina Rodriguez stars as former soldier Jill, whose daughter may just be the solution.

Directed by Mark Raso; additional key cast includes Barry Pepper, Shamier Anderson, Ariana Greenblatt and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The chaos of it all is what I’m drawn to; the idea of a world functioning on zero sleep. I mean, many well-rested individuals make terrible decisions, which begs the question, precisely how scary can we expect things to get?

I’m in for the answer to the above while hoping that this movie will exceed all my expectations.

Frances Fisher, Gil Bellows, Finn Jones, Sebastian Pigott, Sergio Di Zio, Alex House, Michael Hough, Lucius Hoyos, Trevor Hayes and Shawn Ahmed also star.

Awake Release Dates: June 9th, 2021 (US & UK)…

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