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WANDAVISION (2021): Episodes 3 & 4 – The Things I Liked…

WandaVision (2020), Paul Bettany, Marvel Studios
WandaVision (2020), Paul Bettany, Marvel Studios

Following my disappointment with episodes one and two of Marvel’s WandaVision, I decided to wait for the release of episode four before diving back in to see how much more engaging it gets.

Even though episode three was not great, for me, until the last few minutes, I’m glad to report that the fourth episode is much better and more reflective of what I’d hoped for with one and two.

The cast is fantastic; from Teyonah Parris, to Paul Bettany, Katheryn Hahn, Kat Dennings and of course, Elizabeth Olsen; who emits pain through her eyes so very well.

Am I still mad that the first two episodes and most of the third felt like a waste of my time? Only a little; especially since, unlike myself, many readers of the comic books like them.

My hope now is that with the episodes yet to come, things can only get better.

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