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HITCHCOCK / TRUFFAUT (2015: New Trailer For Documentary About The One That Inspired Your Favourite Movie Directors

Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015),  Alfred Hitchcock
Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015), Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is a name all fans of film learn about sooner or later. He is the most famous British director and has inspired many directors after him.

In this Kent Jones directed documentary, a selection of some of the best film directors of today talk about how much Hitchcock influenced their own work. Particularly what they learned of Hitchcock’s approach to film making, in French director Francoise Truffaut’s 1966 publication, Cinema According to Hitchcock…

Martin Scorsese, David Fincher and Wes Anderson are three of the directors who share their experience in Hitchcock / Truffaut.

Release date(s)… 

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THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (2014): Your Grand Audio Visual Feast Awaits

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Tony Revolori, Ralph Feinnes
The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Tony Revolori, Ralph Feinnes

Written / directed by Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a dramatic comedy adventure that stars Ralph Feinnes, Adrien Brody, Mathieu Amalric, Jude Law, Edward Norton and two great young Actors by the name of Tony Revolori and Saoirse Ronan.

Anderson’s film is wonderful feast of good and humorous story telling that features rich, colourful cinematography and great dialogue.

Every line that comes out of the mouth of Monsieur Gustave – who is excellently played by Ralph Feinnes is delivered with such expert comic timing, that upon second viewing I could barely look at anything else. The same can be said for every move made by M. Gustave.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Tilda Swinton
The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Tilda Swinton

Oddly enough, the first couple of times I tried to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel, I stopped within ten minutes. I just couldn’t get into the swing of it.

Having now seen the film more than once, please don’t let the initial slow-ish pace at the beginning dissuade you, for things get most interesting as soon as Monsieur Gustave is introduced, ten minutes in. That’s when the adventure truly begins. Watch it and see.

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