Warcraft (2016), Travis Fimmel (Anduin Lothar)

WARCRAFT (2016): The Things I Liked…

Warcraft (2016), Toby Kebbell (Antonidas)
Warcraft (2016), Toby Kebbell (Antonidas)

I don’t really understand the idea that Warcraft is a movie only true fans of World Of Warcraft (the multiplayer online role-playing game that this movie is based on) can enjoy. I had a good time and I’m certainly not a ‘true fan.’ Especially since the only reason I know about World Of Warcraft is because of the characters of CBS’s comedy series, The Big Bang Theory.

Since fantasy movies generally aren’t my thing, it may not surprise you to learn that I found The Lord Of The Rings trilogy incredibly punishing – and I don’t just mean the length of the movies. Regardless of this, every so often one or two fantasy films gets through to me and I can’t quite explain why. Warcraft is one such movie. Perhaps it’s because something about the fantasy movies I respond most to in a positive way, remind me of tales I heard and/or read in my youth.

Warcraft (2016), Paula Patton (Garona)
Warcraft (2016), Paula Patton (Garona)

I like how the story of Warcraft comes together. The characters may not be the most complex but sometimes that’s OK, for me at least. The pace of the movie kept me engaged and the special effects were fun. Another highlight is the way the Orcs move, particularly Toby Kebbell’s Antonidas. 

Directed by Duncan Jones, the rest of the cast , namely Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Ben Foster and Travis Fimmel all played their roles well. I also think that Paula Patton’s Garona is arguably her best work since Precious (2009). She may have been in better films since, but my disappointment as I tried and failed to sit through Baggage Claim (2013) is so very deep that… Have you tried to watch Baggage Claim?

I say ignore everyone that claims Warcraft can only be enjoyed and understood by fans of the game, for a good time is what I and the same may be for you.

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