TheMovieMyLife at The Movies
TheMovieMyLife at The Movies

While at university, I had a friend who appeared in big-name Hollywood movies as a background artist/extra. I knew this about him, Yet he never told me which movies he appeared in, even though I went to the theatre frequently. For years I never chanced upon his image in any of the movies I saw. That is until the biggest movie of 2008 came out.

The film in question is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. There I was emersed in all the glorious spectacle with my friend Victoria. Then suddenly, the words ‘That’s my friend Daniel‘ loudly escaped my lips, as I proceeded to stand up and point at the screen, in a dark movie theatre. 

Yes, it was embarrassing, and yes, I did get loudly shushed, and told to ‘sit the hell down’. Being my usually polite self, I apologised and promptly sat, mortified. All while Victoria was, as you might expect, quite amused and embarrassed for me at the same time.

Luckily, nothing else as embarrassing has happened to me at the movie theatre since. ‘Oh, wait. How about the seat drench with cola and the time you got moved from the premium area because you didn’t pay for those seats,‘ says my sister. 

Happy Film Loving


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