JOHN WICK (2014): The Things I Liked…

John Wick (2014), Keanu Reeves, Lionsgate
John Wick (2014), Keanu Reeves, Lionsgate

Everything that happens at the start of John Wick may not feel as well-put-together story-wise as one might prefer. Reason being, the main focus of John Wick is the fight choreography, stylish shots and shoot-out fun. The story is merely secondary. 

Directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, I liked seeing Keanu Reeves as a highly-skilled and certainly well-dressed hitman. I had fun as the camera followed him when he moved around the city of New York, enacting revenge against the people who killed his precious dog.

It’s clear to me now, why before I watched John Wick, the question All that for a dog?‘ came up so frequently for many viewers. The story could have been written in a way that meant such a question never came up at all. But, the filmmakers had other plans. And anyway, the way I see it, the killing spree wasn’t so much about the dog, but rather, everything the precious canine represented.

All-things-considered, John Wick isn’t my favourite revenge movie, but it also isn’t the worst. In terms of good cinematography, the scenes that feature a noticeable light blue wash over the film’s imagery were particularly memorable. I appreciate how the colour of the lights communicate the coldness of the characters and their actions.

I’m quite sure that it’s not just me who kept picturing how good a John Wick video game might look, as I watched the movie. Fans of Shoot-out games, fake graphic violence and stylishly executed action sequence will likely have the best time.

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