I CARE A LOT (2020): The Things I Liked…

I Care a Lot (2020), Rosamund Pike, Amazon Prime Video
I Care a Lot (2020), Rosamund Pike, Amazon Prime Video

I knew that crime/thriller I Care a Lot was about Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike), a despicable woman who takes pleasure in draining the savings of her vulnerable elderly clients. What I didn’t know is I’d end up detesting Marla quite as much as I did.

To say I was extra impatient to see her get her comeuppance feels like an understatement. Furthermore, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more incensed by a character the way I was with Marla. OK, maybe Guy Pierce’s Charley Rakes in Lawless (2012) is even more despicable. I mean, I truly, deeply hated him. I digress. 

Written/directed by J. Blakeson, I Care a Lot is generally well-acted. However, there are parts of the story I didn’t fully buy. Specifically, occurrences that seemed to happen the way they did, simply to serve the story. Only, ironically, they ended up doing the movie a disservice because I didn’t believe them. Much of this takes place once Marla became more involved with Peter Dinklage’s character.

There are very few if any clear cut ‘good people’ in this movie. This is a truth that made watching I Care a Lot more uncomfortable than anticipated. Maybe I wouldn’t have felt so slightly shortchanged had I been able to connect more with any characters’ story, and in a way that made me identify with them on a less than surface level.

As for my favourite things about Blakeson’s film, Chris Messina is great as the Lawyer and I found Marla’s style delightfully noteworthy; as is her general badassery. There’s no doubt that her place in the list of tough female movie characters sporting blunt bobs has a corner in my mind. I only wish it had one in my heart too.

Watch I Care a Lot if you’re curious.

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6 thoughts on “I CARE A LOT (2020): The Things I Liked…”

  1. I totally agree…I think they needed to have the audience establish more of a relationship with a least one or even a couple of the characters. I also felt a bit squirmy watching this one. Great review, it’s spot on!

    1. Firstly, thank you for the compliment and for sharing your thoughts.
      Second, I suspect that many see it the same way as we do; which reminds me that when I first saw the trailer, I thought it was for a new series. Can you imagine how much better the end result would be had the story been afforded the writing time and care of a good 8 episode mini-series?

      1. I agree, if they would have made it into a mini-series, similar to, Behind Her Eyes, it would have allotted the audience enough time to actually establish a relationship with each character. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t, it would have made a brilliant mini-series.

  2. I loved your review! This was one of my favourite movies recently. It really made me think of the reality of so called ‘guardianships.’ I mean obviously not to the extent as it is shown in the movie (at least I hope), but it’s still such a scary concept!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie and my response to it.
      As for guardianships, I Care a Lot had me almost too horrified to even look up the details of guardianships. All for fear it would be too much like the movie. Thankfully, things don’t usually get to such scary levels. If nothing else, for some, Blakeson’s film will likely have people thinking seriously about who in their life will make sure they’re OK when they’re elderly.

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