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7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE (2018): New Trailer From Rosamund Pike, Daniel Brühl, Eddie Marsan…

7 Days in Entebbe (2018), Daniel Brühl, Rosamund Pike
7 Days in Entebbe (2018), Daniel Brühl, Rosamund Pike

7 Days In Entebbe tells the story of four hijackers who in 1976 forced a plane to land in Entebbe, Uganda. All in the effort to free the dozens of Palestinians jailed in Israel.

Rosamund Pike, Daniel Brühl and Eddie Marsan star while José Padilha directs…

Not that the stories are that similar but Steven Spielberg’s Munich (2005) came to mind as I watched this trailer. If this movie is as good as that, I’ll be delighted. Delighted, I tell you!

7 Days In Entebbe Release Dates: March 9th, 2018 (UK); March 16th, 2018 (US)…

Happy Film Loving


CONCUSSION (2015): Intense New Trailer With Will Smith As Dr. Bennet Omalu

Concussion (2015), Will Smith
Concussion (2015), Will Smith

I knew this public holiday had to gift me with a great new trailer. And it has, for Will Smith has a brand new movie…

I can’t wait to see this,first because it looks good and second, Smith sounds absolutely nothing like himself, therefore making for an even more satisfying transformation for the spectator.

Concussion is written and directed by Peter Landesman, the man responsible for 2014’s Kill The messenger starring Jeremy Renner.

Alec Baldwin and British actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw also star, along with Stephen Moyer, Luke Wilson and Albert Brooks

Due for release stateside on December 25th (2015) and January 29th (2016) for the U.K.

Happy Concussion 🙂