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The Incredible Jessica James (2017), Jessica Williams
The Incredible Jessica James (2017), Jessica Williams

The Incredible Jessica James is not a super hero movie as I first thought. It is in fact a comedy about an aspiring New York based playwright played by Jessica Williams. Williams is an actor who’s not completely new to me thanks to People Places Things (2015)one of my favourite comedies of 2015.

The story, written and directed by Jim Strouse who also wrote and directed  People Places Things, centres around Miss James’s friendship with a guy called Boone (Chris O’Dowd). A friendship that begins whilst Miss Jones is on the rebound from a break-up.

There are definitely one or two scenes at the beginning of this movie where I thought, ‘the camera is definitely spending too long on this moment’. Luckily for me, as the film progressed, I just liked it more and more. Williams did a good job of portraying all that is incredible about Miss James and I enjoyed the writing, especially as I found that I identify with Miss James in a number of ways. To mention just one way (you may relate to this too), I too have a slightly less than ordinary dream that also requires much dedication.

Noël Wells, an actor I first saw in Aziz Ansari’s rather good series Master Of None was a highlight. I also loved O’Dowd who was as always a delight to watch in comedy / drama roles.

By the end of The Incredible Jessica James , my thoughts had evolved from ‘the camera is definitely spending too long on this moment’ to ‘Miss James may not wear a special suit or a cape, but she really is quite incredible’. Not only did I want to be as cool as Jessica James, but I’d decided that I’d definitely tune in in the event that this movie were turned into a series.

Watch it and see.

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THE HOLLARS (2016): The Thing I Liked – Sharlto Copley’s Performance…

The Hollars (2016), Sharlto Copley, John Krasinski
The Hollars (2016), Sharlto Copley, John Krasinski

Directed by John Krasinski, The Hollars is a comedy / drama about a son returning to his small town after his mother falls ill. Not the most obvious premise for comedy but there are laughs to be had with Krasinki’s latest directorial effort. Besides the good humour, especially courtesy of Sharlto Copley’s brother character, I enjoyed the film’s portrait of family, sibling dynamics and all the good performances from all the cast.

Written by Jim Strouse who also wrote one of my favourites, People, Places, Things (2015)Anna Kendrick, Charlie Day, Richard Jenkins, Margot Martingale and Randall Park also star.

The Hollars is fitting for when you’re in the mood for a relaxing drama / comedy with a little splash of romance – nothing too taxing.

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