AMERICAN BEAUTY (1999): Forever Brilliant

American Beauty (1999), Kevin Spacey
American Beauty (1999), Kevin Spacey

For every film lover, there’s at least one or two – perhaps even three films that come immediately to mind whenever they‘re asked that inevitable question. ‘What’s your favourite film?’

My answer is always without hesitation, Director Sam Mendes’ 1999 Oscar winning film debut, American Beauty.

American Beauty (1999), Annette Bening
American Beauty (1999), Annette Bening

I’m yet to watch another film more perfect. Such a beautifully crafted story with excellent dialogue, symbolism and a healthy dose of truth and black humour.

It’s a brilliant commentary on suburbia and life in the classic American small town. American Beauty offers plenty of potentially useful information about the human condition.

There’s a strong theme on the difference between what people work hard to project versus the actual truth. The most interesting version of this is the exterior proclamations of the person who internally actually hates themselves.

As a result of this film, Annette Bening, Kevin Spacey, Chris Cooper, Writer Alan Ball, Director Sam Mendes and more, including the great Cinematographer Conrad L. Hall are forever in my mind, synonymous with brilliance.

American Beauty (1999), Kevin Spacey, Chris Cooper
American Beauty (1999), Kevin Spacey, Chris Cooper

I know one person who called American Beauty boring. Not quite sure what to say to that. Except maybe that it’s unlikely they actually really watched it.

Happy American Beauty, my favourite film. 🙂


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