THE GREAT (2020): The Things I liked…

The Great (2019), Elle Fanning, Hulu
The Great (2019), Elle Fanning, Hulu

There is much that’s quite ridiculous in The Great, the latest comedy miniseries starring Elle Fanning as Catherine, a royal woman from rural Austria who marries a Russian Emperor named Peter (Nicholas Hoult). 

The ridiculousness is largely a positive because from it comes some of the most amusing moments. From Catherines initial naiveté about married life, to Peter’s ruthlessness, the manifestation of his insecurities and lack of education; there’s some amusing moments to enjoy in this satirical drama/comedy.

Yet, the reason why I had to stop watching around the halfway point is because all the antics became a tad tedious. Especially since I felt that I’d seen similar and often more cleverly executed versions in a past show or two. Nevertheless, deciding to stop wasn’t an easy decision. Particularly since I wanted to see how Catherine’s plans to make Russia great would really turn out. It’s just unfortunate that the journey towards that goal started to feel long winded and inadequately engaging around the midway point.

The performances weren’t the worst. I simply lost interest in the story. The thing that will stay with me besides the amusing turns by Hoult and Fanning? That would be the seeming madness of the statement: ‘People do underestimate the joy in suffering.’ Perhaps I simply don’t get it. Either that or I haven’t tried hard enough to understand.

I know there are many who really had a great time with this ten part series. Maybe I’ll pick up where I left off in the future. Maybe.

If you’re curious, give The Great a chance. You may find it far more enjoyable than I did. It appears that many did.

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