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TED LASSO – SEASON 2 (2021): New Trailer Starring Jason Sudeikis, Juno Temple, Hannah Waddingham, Brendan Hunt…

Ted Lasso - Season 2 (2021), Jason Sudeikis, Apple TV+
Ted Lasso – Season 2 (2021), Jason Sudeikis, Apple TV+

Ted Lasso, my favourite show of 2020; the one about an American football couch who moves to England to coach British football, all while having zero prior knowledge of the game has a brand new teaser trailer.

I can only imagine the pressure to make season two as wonderful as the first one. 2021 may not look quite as bleak as 2020 did, but at least we know that kindness and the need to always believe never go out of style. And so, I’m hoping for another great bunch of episodes that result in many more lifted spirits, smiles and maybe even some happy tears. Full disclosure, I absolutely cried during season one, more than twice!

Anyone else expecting/hoping for Lasso to get a viable love interest this season?

The cast for season 2 includes Jason Sudeikis, Juno Temple, Hannah Waddingham, Brendan Hunt, Toheeb Jimoh, Nick Mohammed, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Billy Harris and more including some welcome new faces.

Ted Lasso – Season 2 Release Date: July 23rd, 2021, Apple TV+

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TED LASSO (2020): The Things I Liked…

Ted Lasso (2020), Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Apple TV+
Ted Lasso (2020), Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Apple TV+

As a Jason Sudeikis fan, thanks largely to Horrible Bosses (2011) and We’re the Millers in 2013; I’m happy to report that his latest comedy series Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ has earned a place in my list of favourites of his works.

What makes Ted Lasso, the story of a US American Football coach, who arrives in the UK to manage a struggling London soccer team worth watching? Well, firstly, there’s the crazy premise that seems utterly ludicrous. Yet you find yourself wanting Lasso (Sudeikis) to succeed, regardless of his poor knowledge of soccer. Second, the truly wonderful cast and their great chemistry. Third, the good humour, editing and writing. Last but in no way least, everybody loves an underdog story. And Ted Lasso has more than one of those going on.

I know that we’re only three episodes in, out of ten, so far and with a new one scheduled each week. Nevertheless, let’s just say that already, I’ve had such a good time that by the end of episode three, my main thoughts were:

I feel robbed of my freedom to binge the entire season of Ted Lasso all at once. I mean, aren’t these especially challenging times? I need Lasso and all his goodness. That’s ALL of it, right away!’.

I’ll not be tuning in each week just for one twenty-minute episode. Instead, I’m aiming to wait seven long weeks; all so I can binge the last seven episodes all at once.

Watch Ted Lasso because of all the great reasons above and for Sedeikis’s character’s thoroughly adorable accent, plus his positive, thoughtful and generous disposition. I certainly do not know enough about the backstories of each character just yet, but I’m saying it anyway: ‘I think I’m in love with Ted Lasso!’.

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