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PASSENGERS (2016): The Thing I Liked…

Passengers (2016), Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt
Passengers (2016), Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt

My favourite thing about Passengers is what it has to say (however little) about our need for human to human connection. Besides this and the beautiful images of space towards the very end, the experience of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s latest film can be described as ‘a not very good in-space romantic comedy’ with moments of bad dialogue and arguably questionable chemistry.

I don’t think that Passengers is bad because the actors, Lawrence, Pratt, Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne did a particularly substandard job. It’s disappointing because there’s a certain hollow / under-developed feel about the story. The fact that  you can more or less count the number of characters on one hand has very little – if anything to do with it. Even with the movie’s most loved star Lawrence and Morten Tyldum, director of one of 2014’s best films – The Imitation Game (2014), Passengers could not be saved from its built-in emptiness nor could it be saved from the thoughts that came to my mind as I watched… 

‘Oh dear

This is actually not very good

My, that was a bad line

Watch Passengers if nothing will stop you. Otherwise you will likely be longing for all that seems to be missing.

Happy Film Loving


PASSENGERS (2016): New Trailer From Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen…

Passengers (2016), Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence

Passengers is the new sci-fi / adventure movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen. Everything takes place aboard a spacecraft that’s en route to a distant colony planet whilst carrying thousands of people. Things get particularly interesting when a malfunction in the spacecraft’s sleep chambers results in two passengers being prematurely awakened – 90 years earlier than planned…

Indeed the acting star power of this movie is off the charts. But the thing that excites me most is the fact that Passengers is directed by Morten Tyldum, the man behind The Imitation Game – one of  2014’s very best movies. I can’t wait to see how well this story is constructed. My eyes definitely glistened at ‘You die, I die!’

Laurence Fishburne, Marie Burke and Aurora Perrineau also star.

Passengers Release Dates: December 21st, 2016 (US); December 23rd, 2016 (UK); January 5th, 2016 (GER)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂


THE IMITATION GAME (2014): Alan Turing, Benedict Cumberbatch… 2 British Greats

The Imitation Game (2014), Benedict Cumberbatch
The Imitation Game (2014), Benedict Cumberbatch

Oscar nominated for his moving portrayal of real life computer scientist, mathematician, logician and cryptanalyst, Alan Turing; Benedict Cumberbatch is an Actor whose work I must pay much closer attention to from now on.

His version of Turing, an important man in the history of Britain, especially during the Second World War and how it came to end when it did is brilliant.

Directed by Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game is a thrilling biographical drama that grabs you from the very beginning. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud in several parts, thanks to Graham Moore’s Oscar winning screenplay.

The Imitation Game (2014), Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley
The Imitation Game (2014), Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley

You’re also bound to chance upon feelings of gratitude for the times in which you live – whatever your background. Reason being, when you think about how things actually transpired for Turing in the very end, it’s worse than a great shame. Particularly considering the importance of the work he did in serving his country.

One of my favourite moments is the opening dialogue of Tyldum’s film. Reason being,  it happens to be exactly what I want to say to people I watch movies with – as the voice of the movie. It’s basically what every film commands from audiences that sit down to watch.

The Imitation Game (2014), Benedict Cumberbatch
The Imitation Game (2014), Benedict Cumberbatch

If you haven’t already watched The Imitation Game and you want said opening dialogue to remain a surprise, stop reading now.

‘Are you paying attention? Good. If you’re not listening carefully, you will miss things. Important things. I will not pause, I will not repeat myself and you will not interrupt me.

You think that because you are sitting where you are and I am sitting where I am that you are in control of what is about to happen. You are mistaken. I am in control, because I know things that you don’t know. What I will need from you now is a commitment. 

You will listen closely and you will not judge me until I have finished. If you cannot commit to this, then please leave the room. But if you choose to stay. remember you chose to be here. What happens from this moment forward is not my responsibility. It’s yours. Pay attention.’

Happy The Imitation Game 🙂